Food Fare Recipes: Beverages

Allspice Liqueur

Almond Hot Toddy

Almond Milk


Apple Juice

Apple Punch

Atholl Brose (Scotland)

Auld Man's Milk

Aussie Mozzie

Ayran (Syrian cold yogurt drink)

Banana & Milk Juice (Emirian)

Banana Pina Colada

Bat Grog (Halloween)

Blood of Dracula (Halloween)

Bloodshake (Halloween)

Blueberry Smoothie

Bombo (spicy rum cocktail)

Boulevardier Cocktail

Brown Sugar Tea

Cafe au Lait

Cafe de Olla (Mexican Spiced Coffee)

Café Nss Nss (Moroccan Coffee)


Carrot-Apple Juice

Caudel (Medieval spiced beer)

Cha Yen (Thai Tea)

Chai Porusski (Russian Fruit-Spice Tea)

Chai Tea Mix

Chamomile Tea

Champurrado (Mexican Hot Chocolate)

Chocolate a la Espanola (Spanish Hot Chocolate)

Chocolate-Chip Mint Milkshake

Christmas Cheer Egg Nog

Clam Juice Cocktail

Cocoa Mix (homemade)

Coffee Freeze

Coffee Punch

Cranberry & Lemon Tea

Cream Brandy

Cream Delight

Creamy Almond Coffee

Creamy Coffee Martini

Dugh (Iranian yogurt with sparkling water)

Egg Cream

Etzai (Algerian mint tea)

Fireside Brew

Frapogalo (Greek Frappuccino)


Fruit Slush (Diabetic)

Garlic Bloody Mary

Ginger Ale

Ginger Rum

Glogg (Swedish Mulled Wine)

Granizado de Cafe (Spanish Iced Coffee)

Grape Float (aka Purple Cow)

Haggbarslikor (Swedish Bird Cherry Liqueur)

Halloween Sparkling Punch

Heibe Schokolade (Brandied Hot Chocolate)

Herb Tea Smoothie

Het Pint

Holiday Tea

Honey Milk Tea

Hoppel-Poppel (German Eggnog)

Horchata de Chufas (Tiger Nut Milk)

Hot Apple Cider

Hot Buttered Rum

Hot Chocolate

Hot Spiced Chai Tea

Iced Tea

Irish Coffee

Irish Cream Soda

Jallab (Syrian summer drink)

Jus de Fruit (Chadian fruit juice with milk & spices)

Kirsch (Cherry Brandy)

Kiwi-Orange Juice

Lemon Barley Water


Lemonade with Ginger (Diabetic)

Lime Cola

Lime-Cucumber Fresca

Lime Iced Tea


Limoonada (Lebanese lemonade)

Long Island Iced Tea

Lover's Cocktail

Malagasy Chai (Tea)

Medovukha (Russian Honey Mead)


Mint Tea Punch

Mock Champagne

Mulled Cider

Old Salem Smash

Orange-Ginger Cocoa

Orange Julep

Peanut Butter Cocoa

Pear Martini

Pirate's Last Call

Popeye Smoothie

Potion Punch (Halloween)

Pumpkin Hot Cocoa Mix

Punch Coco (Comorian Coconut Punch)

Qahwa Helw (Qatari Coffee)

Qishr (Yemeni ginger coffee)

Queimada (Spanish Herbed Wine Punch)

Raspberry Spritzer

Red Devil Cocktail (Halloween)

Red Hot Spicy Punch

Root Beer Float (Diabetic)

Roy Rogers

Rumfustian (mixed cocktail)

Ryazhenka (Russian Baked Milk)

Sahlab (Algerian creamy winter drink; aka Salep)

Shaah (Somali Tea)

Shai (Kuwaiti traditional tea)

Shirley Temple

Slush Punch

Spiced Iced Tea

Spiced Wine

Spooky Sip Punch (Halloween)

Southern Sweet Tea

Sydney Sunrise

Tea Toddy

Thandai (Omani spicy milk)

The Monaco (Monegasque Cocktail)

Tomato Juice

Tropical Dream

Venetian Sunrise

Vishnyovka (Russian Sour-Cherry Vodka)


Wedding Punch

Witches Brew (Halloween)


Food Fare Recipes: Beverages


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