Food Fare Recipes: Snacks

Avocado English Muffins

Bacon & Bananas

Baked Bagel Snacks (Diabetic)

Baked Pine Nuts

Baked Pita Bites (Diabetic)

Baked Pumpkin (Native American)

Barbagiuans (Monegasque Pasties)

Blood Clot Bites (Halloween)

Bonbon Coco (Malagasy Coconut Candy)

Broccoli-Potato Knishes (baked dumplings)

Candy Corn (Halloween)

Cheddar & Green Onion Biscuit Poppers

Cheese & Vegemite Scrolls

Cheese Blintzes

Cheese Gelt Coins

Cheese Pennies

Cheese Toasts with Walnuts

Cheesy Pretzels (Diabetic)

Chex Party Mix

Chiko Rolls

Chili-Cheese Tortilla Roll-Ups (Vegetarian)

Cinnamon Toast

Corn Dogs

Corn Sticks

Cossey (Chadian bean fritters)

Cruste Rolle (Medieval fried crackers)

Cucumbers in Vinegar

Deviled Eggs

English Muffin Grill

Feteer Meshaltet (Egyptian Arabic Pies)

Garlic Croutons

Garlic Popcorn

G'shur Purtaghal (Iraqi candied citrus)

Homemade Pickles

Homemade Potato Chips

Honig Brat Mandeln (German Honey Roasted Almonds)

Irish Rarebit

Kiszenie Ogorkow (Polish Dill Pickles)

Lemon Avocado

Lox & Avocado Bagel

Marinated Anchovies

Nun's Beads

Oatcakes (Scottish)

Peanut Butter-Banana Pinwheels


Pine Nuts in Sugar

Pokerounce (Medieval bread & honey)

Prawn Crackers

Quick Nachos

Rainbow Trail Mix

Spiced Pecans

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Selsig Morgannwg (Glamorgan Sausages)

Tlacoyos (Masa Pockets)

Toutons (Canadian pork-fried bread dough)

Tsebhi Shiro (Eritrean Spicy Peanuts)

Vegemite Twists

Wasabi Peas

Witches Warts (Halloween)


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