Food Fare features recipes from a variety of countries and cultures around the world. The site also contains a collection of personal recipes, many of them "comfort foods" inherited through the generations, as well as titles in the exclusive Culinary Collection.


Food Fare is also home to the Ambrosia Cookbook, Breakfast Cookbook, Community Garden Cookbook, Food Fare Cookbook, Furry Friends Cookbook, Glinhaven Cookery, Global Seafood Cookbook, Larkin Community Cookbook, Luscious Leftovers Cookbook, Quirky Snacks Cookbook, Recipes-on-a-Budget Cookbook, and the Soups & Stews Cookbook.


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Food Fare originated as Shenanchie's Kitchen in May 2000. It developed into a personal cooking website that was updated each month with personal favorites as well as in-depth articles about the food and culture from different countries around the world. The site closed in May 2005 because of Shenanchie's other commitments, but she continued to make "foody" entries at her blog Appetizing Muse.


Shenanchie's Kitchen re-emerged as Food Fare in October 2008, bringing with it global flavors found in unique and original recipes, seasonal favorites, informative and entertaining Food Articles, kitchen and cooking tips, food links and more.


Food Fare's exclusive Culinary Collection was launched in July 2011, featuring more than three dozen e-books in Kindle, Kobo, Nook and Adobe Digital Editions. The books include information about the food and culture of different countries across the globe, holidays and food-specific topics. They also contain history, food traditions, lifestyle and dishes native to various countries, as well as authentic recipes, words and phrases in the native tongue of the subject, along with food terms. Click here for more >


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