Food Fare: Australian Recipes

Food Fare: Australian Recipes


Anzac Biscuits

Aussie Barbeque Seasoning

Aussie Meatloaf

Aussie Mozzie

Bush Tucker Muffins

Carpetbag Steaks

Cheese & Vegemite Scrolls

Chicken & Mushroom Casserole

Chiko Rolls

Creamed Rice


Ginger Meat Balls

Grilled Lobster with Lime Butter

Hot Potato Fry

Jam Griddle Cakes

Lamingtons (Tea Cakes)

Lemon Barley Water

Lime Shortbread

Oxtail Soup

Pavlova (meringue dessert)

Peach Melba

Pie Floaters

Steak Diane

Sydney Sunrise

Trout with Macadamia Nuts

Tuna Cream

Vegemite Twists

Whipped Sweet Potatoes

White Christmas


Food Fare Culinary Collection: Aussie Gastronomy


For more about Australian food and culture, go to Aussie Gastronomy >


Food Fare Culinary Collection: Aussie Gastronomy


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