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Christmas defines the season of giving, followed in quick succession by a sense of renewal in the New Year. Food seems to be the centerpiece of most holiday gatherings, when families, friends and co-workers come together in the spirit of appreciation and celebration.


Some of our favorite holiday recipes include Almond Hot Toddy, Christmas "Cheer" Egg Nog, Christmas Rum Balls, Classic Shortbread, Cream Brandy, Gingerbread Cake, Glogg (Swedish Mulled Wine), Irish Soda Scones, Kourambiethes (Greek Christmas Cookies), Mailanderli (Swiss Butter Cookies), Nusstorte (Swiss Nut Cake), Peanut Butter Cocoa, Pecan Kisses, Pwdin Nadolig (Welsh Christmas Pudding) and Wassail among many others. More Christmas recipes >


Get more recipes and ideas from Christmas Noel and New Years Eve Apéritifs & Appetizers, two of the newest titles in Food Fare's Culinary Collection.


As the Christmas holiday looms near and 2011 draws to a close, some people are probably looking back at the past year with apprehensive reflection. Most of us have suffered our share of trouble over the last twelve months because of economic uncertainties, not to mention coping with the ever-rising cost of food and other worries about the future. However, ponder this: As bad as you think you have it, someone else might have it far worse.


Merry Christmas from our house to yours...



Food Fare Cookbooks Food Fare's collection of e-cookbooks include the Ambrosia Cookbook, the original Food Fare Cookbook, and the Larkin Community Cookbook, a culinary companion to the "Collective Obsessions Saga" by gothic-fiction author Deidre Dalton.

Food Fare's Ambrosia Cookbook was released by Club Lighthouse Publishing last September, the third offering in our collection of e-cookbooks. Kudos to cover designer and editor Terri Balmer - she did a terrific job, as usual.


The Ambrosia Cookbook contains more than 200 recipes in all categories, along with special dishes for holidays and vegetarians, and easy-to-assemble herb and spice mixes. A collection of homemade recipes for cats and dogs are also included.


Ambrosia joins Food Fare's other e-cookbooks, including the original Food Fare Cookbook and the Larkin Community Cookbook, a culinary companion to the Collective Obsessions Saga by gothic-fiction author Deidre Dalton.



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The past year was a busy one for Food Fare with the release of three cookbooks and twenty-eight titles in the exclusive Culinary Collection, but we have plans for more in 2012.


Look for a new cookbook in early spring. The theme and cover design have already been decided, although we're keeping both under wraps for the time being. More titles will also be added to our growing Culinary Collection, along with new features in our Food Articles. We plan to conduct more free e-cookbook contests throughout the year, which will also include a selection of Adobe Digital editions of titles in the Culinary Collection.


Check back for updates and other news as spring approaches. Visit our blog Appetizing Muse, or our pages at Facebook and Twitter to leave a comment. You might be surprised by what you find...


Happy Cooking from Food Fare,




December 2011, Issue #12


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  3. Ambrosia Cookbook released

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  • Wilbert "Bear" Alviso, a longtime recipe contributor to Food Fare, passed away last September after a brief illness. He was a kind, gentle and compassionate man who is greatly missed. Read more about Wilbert >


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