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Food Fare's collection of e-cookbooks just keeps growing. So take your pick and get cooking!



Ambrosia Cookbook


The Ambrosia Cookbook contains more than 200 recipes in all categories, along with special dishes for holidays and vegetarians, and easy-to-assemble herb and spice mixes. More >>



Breakfast Cookbook


Food Fare's Breakfast Cookbook contains more than 100 breakfast recipes for breads, crepes, fruits, grains, casseroles, eggs, full meals, pancakes, sandwiches and vegetables. More >>



Community Garden Cookbook


Food Fare's Community Garden Cookbook features 140 easy recipes for use with garden-fresh ingredients, including appetizers, beverages, breads, breakfast, condiments and sauces, desserts, herbs and spices, main meals, soups and stews, and sides. More >>



Food Fare Cookbook


The long-awaited and elegantly-appointed Food Fare Cookbook contains the cream of the crop from the Food Fare web site, including more than 200 distinctive and original recipes. More >>



Furry Friends Cookbook


Food Fare's Furry Friends Cookbook contains more than 60 recipes for homemade dog and cat food. More >>


Glinhaven Cookery


Glinhaven Cookery is a compilation of more than 45 recipes mentioned or prepared by characters in the gothic fiction novel Glinhaven by Deborah O'Toole.

Glimhaven Cookery - FREE!

More >>


Global Seafood Cookbook


Food Fare's Global Seafood Cookbook features more than 200 seafood recipes (appetizers & salads, entrees, shellfish entrees, pasta, soups & stews, salmon, condiments, sauces & seasonings). The book also contains seafood health benefits and nutrition facts, fish trivia and general how-to guides (de-bearding, de-boning & filleting, deveining, shucking, and cracking shells). More >>


The King's Table

The King's Table - FREE!

The King's Table is a compilation of more than 60 recipes mentioned or prepared by characters in the novel In the Shadow of the King by Deborah O'Toole. More >>


Larkin Community Cookbook


In partnership with Food Fare, the Larkin Community Cookbook is now available in Kindle and Nook editions.


The Larkin Community Cookbook is a compilation of more than 190 recipes mentioned or prepared by characters in the eight-part fictional epic known as the Collective Obsessions Saga by author Deidre Dalton. More >>


Luscious Leftovers Cookbook


The Luscious Leftovers Cookbook contains 175 recipes prepared using leftover food, including appetizers, beverages, bread, breakfast, casseroles, entrees, pasta and rice, potatoes, poultry, salads and sandwiches, side dishes, soups and stews, sweets and treats, vegetables, condiments, and sauces and seasonings. More >>


Quirky Snacks Cookbook


Food Fare's Quirky Snacks Cookbook - FREE! 

Food Fare's Quirky Snacks Cookbook contains more than 60 snack recipes from Avocado English Muffins to Yalanchi (Iraqi rice-stuffed tomatoes). More >>



Recipes-on-a-Budget Cookbook


Food Fare's Recipes-on-a-Budget Cookbook features more than 150 recipes for inexpensive meals, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, side dishes, beverages and snacks. More >>



Soups & Stews Cookbook


Food Fare's Soups & Stews Cookbook features more than 170 recipes for unique as well as traditional soups and stews from across the globe. More >>




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