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Nusstorte (Nut Cake)Nusstorte

Swiss Nut Cake



Filling: Place 1-1/2 C of sugar into a frying pan, and cook slowly until the sugar starts to "foam." Do not stir as the sugar will become lumpy. Add walnuts; mix well. Remove from heat before the sugar turns brown. Add the cream at once; allow mixture to boil down. Set aside and allow filling to cool.



Dough: In a bowl, mix together the flour, margarine, remaining sugar, the egg and pinch of salt. Mix well and form a dough. Cut the dough into three pieces (two the same size, and one slightly smaller). Roll same-sized to form a bottom and top of a formed cake pan (about 12" in diameter, or slightly less). Form a ring with the third piece of dough; place in bottom in the form cake pan, on top of the other dough bottom. Pour the filling evenly on the bottom of the cake pan; cover with the top dough crust.


Bake at 400-degrees F for about forty to forty-five minutes. Open the formed cake pan quickly after removing from the oven to prevent sticking. Cool slightly before serving.


Food Fare: Swiss RecipesRecipe featured in the Food Fare Cookbook.


*Nusstorte image (C) Sandstein (2008). Used under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.


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