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Larkin Community Cookbook


The Larkin Community Cookbook by Deidre Dalton is available in Kindle and Nook editions, and as a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) download.


The cookbook is a compilation of more than forty recipes mentioned or prepared by characters in the Collective Obsessions Saga fictional epic by Deidre Dalton. The eight-part series of fiction novels chronicles the extraordinary loves and intricate obsessions between two families sweeping a span of more than one-hundred-forty years, all set against the backdrop of a Gothic seaside mansion in Maine.


Official web site of the "Collective Obsessions Saga" by Deidre Dalton

Fictional foodstuff begins with the first family chef Claude Mondoux, and carries on with the ill-fated Nicholas Bertrand, the much-beloved Mae Jensen and the drunken Cora Ann Hogan...


The diabolical Amber Whale executive chef Jack Sansovino is also a dab hand in the kitchen, where he brews more than just seafood specialties.


Various members of the Larkin family have culinary talent as well, including Shannon, Derek and Dana, who prepare mouth-watering dishes for family and friends. Derek also becomes a professional chef and opens his own elegant restaurant in Larkin City, known as The Silver Tassel.


Before her grisly demise, Carly O'Reilly whips up delectable dishes for her highly successful Harbor View Catering Company, where she also sells homemade foodstuffs.

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Asparagus with Almond Sauce Coquille St. Jacques
Half-Pint Scones Lamb Cutlets in Onion Gravy
Raviolis Larkin Community Cookbook Recipe Index


Please note: Images and specific layout only available in the PDF version of the cookbook. The Kindle and Nook editions do not allow for graphics inserted into text content or an index with valid page numbers.


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The Larkin Community Cookbook is available in Kindle and Nook editions, and as a PDF (Adobe Acrobat Digital) download. Select from the options below:




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