webs divine: design notes

Just like most web designers, we learn something new every day. Some of the insights are fairly simple, while others are more complicated. As we go along, WEBS DIVINE plans to share our tricks, hints and tips in Design Notes.

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Hints & Tips:

Adobe Reader (setting default magnification viewing level)

Adobe Reader vulnerabilities

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

Browser Hijackers

Canadian-English (spell-check)

Color Picker (identify color values of images/text)

E-Book Readers & Converters

Format Fix (indenting paragraphs in large text document)

Forwarding Page (for website; auto-timed)

Nested CSS Menus

No-Repeat Web Background

Tables: Headings on every page

Text Documents: Inserting a header on first page only

Text documents: Remove number from 1st page (MS Word)

Typeover Tools