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WEBS DIVINE offers a range of services for individuals or businesses looking to establish a viable presence on the world wide web.

Website Design:

We offer website creation to client specification in regards to color scheme, font arrays, size of site and other specifications. Design includes template layout, contact forms, drop-down menus, and arrangement of text and download options. We can build simple websites or multi-paged websites that include images, forms, standard or personalized logos and buttons, flash photo galleries, online stores, access management, and more.

What makes WEBS DIVINE different from the thousands of design services available online today? We offer unique originality rather than generic, run-of-the-mill templates with personal touches specific to the client.

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Logos & Buttons:

Personalized web logos and web buttons can be created by WEBS DIVINE. The fees for personalized graphics vary, depending on the size and intricacy of the images desired, and whether the client requests company and personal logos with added images and/or special affects.

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Flash Photo Galleries:

WEBS DIVINE offers a "Flash Photo Gallery" service that presents images provided by the client in a flash photo gallery setting, viewable on their specific website.

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Online Stores:

WEBS DIVINE can create online stores for Pay Pal account holders that include product pages, shopping cart and secure check out. The client's web host must be able to accept PHP 4.4.7 or higher, XML, CSS and other design files.

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Access Management:

WEBS DIVINE offers access management for "Members Only" areas of sites, which includes password-protection of restricted documents and web pages.

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Contact Forms:

WEBS DIVINE can design and create website contact forms for a variety of purposes: general contact, comments, attachments and lists. Our forms include "Captcha" options.

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WEBS DIVINE can create topic-specific personalized newsletters for viewing on the client's website. Colors, fonts and other design-specifics can be selected by the client. If given the general topic of the newsletter content, WEBS DIVINE can also write and edit the newsletter for the client.

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WEBS DIVINE can convert Microsoft Word, Power Point and Word Perfect files into PDF documents (Adobe Acrobat) for personal, business or online use.

Other available document services include generic employment applications (PDF), generic fax cover sheets (Word & PDF), generic invoices (Word & PDF), generic purchase orders (Word & PDF), and generic price lists (Word & PDF). All generic forms offered can be customized for a fee.

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Press Releases:

WEBS DIVINE can also write and design press releases for clients for viewing on the client's website without site visitors having to download any documents.

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WEBS DIVINE can create online "flyers" for clients, including advertisements, award certificates, brochures, calendars, coupons, gift certificates, greeting cards, invitation cards, letterhead, menus, programs and resumes. These services are for online display only. However, if the client wishes a "flyer" for print, WEBS DIVINE can create the specified documents and then send them to the client via e-mail for print. WEBS DIVINE is not a printing service, but we can create documents for clients who have their own printing facilities or have access to public printing facilities.

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Continued maintenance on a finished website includes updates, minimal design changes and other design-related requests as needed. Following design completion, we can maintain website content with modifications and updates at the client's request. WEBS DIVINE'S typical monthly maintenance fee is $75.

However, if a client wishes to re-do their website or change the design altogether, the fee schedule for a new website will apply.

e-Book Conversion Services:

WEBS DIVINE offers e-book conversion services. We can convert text or html files into several popular e-reader formats, including EPUB, FB2, OEB, LIT, LRF, MOBI, HTMLZ, PDB, PML, RB, PDF, SNB, TCR, TXT, TXTZ.

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Book Cover Design:

WEBS DIVINE can design book cover art for authors, either using images submitted by the author or by creating book covers from description. Note: Book covers are designed for e-book format only.

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Details & Fees:

To view more details about the WEBS DIVINE fee schedule, click on the document title below. You must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view the document.

Webs Divine Services & Fee Schedules (664 KB, PDF, 11 pages).

Webs Divine Notices:

Please read WEBS DIVINE Notices before requesting a quote.

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