Torn Bits & Pieces

Torn Bits & Pieces by Deborah O'Toole a collection of poetry which includes Black Eyes, Blood of My Father, Bluebells & Fuchsia, Collective Obsessions (poetic rendering based on the fictional saga of the same name by Deidre Dalton), Color Me Woe, Confusion & Mr. Barrett, Dark Blue Moon, Drama, Edward, Fringes, Gentle Creatures, Heart in Dusk, I Will Never Marry, In the Town in the Time, Intoxication, J.D., Mind Control, Moonstruck Madness, My Name is Called Disturbance, Religion, Sad Passing, Screech & Moan, Siembamba, Silver Lining, Striking with a Spirit's Knife, The Rot in the Wood, The Spell, Year of Blood, You're Just a Boy and many more.

Heart in Dusk

Dormant now, for a decade or less.

My full heart waited in the pearly dusk,

to reach out for a long, slow caress.

Before my soul turns to dust.

Steadfast and true, are you.

Never deserved by me,

not even when we were new.

In your mind, I wish I could see.

Years of languish, deep and alone.

To take my place beside you,

from now to the end, I will atone.

For your love and forgiveness, and hatred, too.

Beating in the pearly dusk.

Waiting, hoping and humble.

So much more than whimsical lust,

as I walk toward you and stumble.

Dusky heart for you, Katie dear,

my pure and mindful seer.

All my thoughts are clear,

never again any fear.



*Note: The poem "Heart in Dusk" also appears in the fiction novel Bloodlust, which is the second book in the Bloodline Trilogy by Deborah O'Toole writing as Deidre Dalton.



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