Deborah O'Toole is author of Torn Bits & Pieces, a collection of poetry which includes Black Eyes, Blood of My Father, Bluebells & Fuchsia, Collective Obsessions (poetic rendering based on the fictional saga of the same name by Deidre Dalton), Color Me Woe, Confusion & Mr. Barrett, Dark Blue Moon, Drama, Edward, Fringes, Gentle Creatures, Heart in Dusk, I Will Never Marry, In the Town in the Time, Intoxication, J.D., Mind Control, Moonstruck Madness, My Name is Called Disturbance, Religion, Sad Passing, Screech & Moan, Siembamba, Silver Lining, Striking with a Spirit's Knife, The Rot in the Wood, The Spell, Throes of Madness, Year of Blood, You're Just a Boy, and many more.

Torn Bits & Pieces was released by Club Lighthouse Publishing in February 2023. More >

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Torn Bits & Pieces

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