The Bloodline Trilogy continues with book #2, Bloodlust.

Kate Grady comes from a happy home, never knowing fear or insecurity. Thanks to her extraordinary parents, Pim Grady and Noel Gatsby, her childhood is full of wonder and unconditional love.

She soon realizes she possesses special powers which allow her to bend others to her will. At first, she uses her newfound abilities wisely, helping an unpopular student gain confidence and then preventing a gang of bullies from raping and beating a young girl.

Then Kate meets Kirk Lester. She is drawn to his smooth charm and compelling physical presence, quickly falling under his spell.

Kate changes overnight. She finds herself using her special powers to grant Kirk's every wish, no matter how evil, depraved or violent he becomes . . .

Bloodlust is scheduled for release in 2021. More >

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The Bloodline Trilogy by Deidre Dalton