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The Collective Obsessions Saga is dedicated to those who were patient and supportive during the seemingly endless years-long creative process: my darling mother Joyce O'Toole (who read everything I ever wrote), to my first husband Jerry Dalton for his encouragement, Raphael Serebreny (my first editor from whom I learned much), Terrie Balmer from Club Lighthouse Publishing for giving all eight books in the saga a chance, and to my ever-loving yet mischievous "children" Rainee (2004-2019), Foofer (1997-2007) and Kiki (2006-2018).


"Collective Obsessions" Poem (intro page):

(C)Deborah O'Toole. Original poem published in Torn Bits & Pieces by Deborah O'Toole; also featured at the end of Megan's Legacy by Deidre Dalton. Used with permission.


Print Publications:

  • Maine: An Explorers Guide by Christina Tree and K.W. Oxnard; 11th Edition, 2003; Published by the Countryman Press, Woodstock, Vermont.

  • Lighthouse Families by Bruce Roberts; Crane Hill Publishers, 1997; Re: Lighthouse keeper's probationary appointment form in The Advent.

  • The Maine Atlas & Gazetteer 27th Edition, 2004; DeLorme Maps, Mapping Software, GPS Receivers & GIS Software.

Professional Consultants:

  • Dr. Claudia Kroll (medical advice in storyline)

  • Sheila Domon, Attorney (legal advice in storyline)

  • Stasia Warren, RN (medical advice in The Twilight)

Other Resources:

Wikipedia proved invaluable in my research while writing the Collective Obsessions Saga. Blending true facts with fiction is a habit of mine, adding miscellaneous tidbits here and there which may seem casual but are actually carefully crafted.


And much thanks to Fam-Tree software. Without it, I wouldn't have been able to create the Larkin-Sullivan Family Tree. The software, along with a text spreadsheet, helped me organize and keep consistent technical relationships between fictional characters through the generations, along with images, historical notations, birthdates, marriage and divorce dates, death dates and other pertinent information. The most handy tool in the software was the "find relationship with" feature, which allowed me to click on one name in the family tree and find his/her relationship with any other name on the list in an instant.


To view a full list of resources, click here (PDF, 487 KB).


Book Cover Art: T.L. Davison

The Twain Shall Meet, Enthrallment, The Keeper's Journal, Hearts Desires, The Twilight and Megan's Legacy.


Book Cover Art: Webs Divine

The Advent, Quixotic Crossings and the Larkin Community Cookbook.


Cover, buttons and intro page graphic for the Collective Obsessions web site are based on an artistic rendering by Rosabella (re: Night Shadow). The specific images will not be used in official end-product book cover art, nor will they be utilized as such in the future.


Midi-music (intro page):

"Lothlórien" courtesy of the MIDI Zone.



Webs Divine.




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