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Forbidden love and dark secrets haunt two Irish families hacking out a new life in 19th-century America. When Molly Larkin's father discovers her affair with lighthouse keeper Colm Sullivan, his reaction pitches her into madness. Yet the legacy forges a bond of blood that will endure for generations.


"The Advent" by Deidre Dalton


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Fate continues to entangle the Larkin and Sullivan families amidst madness, murder and obsessive love. Colm and Molly's grandson Jean-Claude Sullivan finds his life driven by greed and perversely tainted pleasures. Beloved family chef Claude Mondoux watches helplessly as Colm slowly loses his mind in ghostly visions of Molly, while Colleen Larkin seeks love in the arms of another man with deadly consequences.


"Quixotic Crossings" by Deidre Dalton


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An innocent meeting as children sparks a fateful yet perilous liaison between Shannon Larkin and Mike Sullivan. Will their romance follow the same tragic path forged by their mutual ancestors Colm and Molly?


"The Twain Shall Meet" by Deidre Dalton


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George Sullivan reunites with his long-lost love Susan O'Reilly. Their daughter Carly enters into an unholy alliance to secure her position as Liam Larkin's wife. As secrets unfold and more madness takes root, Carly plots a twisted scheme to exact revenge on the Larkin family.


"Enthrallment" by Deidre Dalton


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Shannon Larkin is forced to confront demons from her past, while her daughter Angie discovers Colm Sullivan's journal in the old lighthouse keeper's cottage. The diary sheds light on the history between the Larkin and Sullivan families, but may be too late to stop the sisters of Mike Sullivan from wreaking vengeance on the Larkin's for sins and tragedies from the past.


"The Keeper's Journal" by Deidre Dalton


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Shannon's son Jamie Page begins to understand his lifelong yearnings but fears his family will never accept them. His first love affair with a nefarious character nearly costs his life, but brings to light his hidden desires. Happiness continues to elude the family, as if a dark shadow of evil has settled over the family estate.


"Hearts Desires" by Deidre Dalton


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Shannon Larkin and Scott Page are happy in their decades-long marriage, but a tragic loss forces her to delve into the past in order to face ugly truths about her husband. Devastated, she retreats into her own solitary world. A stranger brings her out of self-imposed exile and shows her the beauty of unconditional love exists after all.


"The Twilight" by Deidre Dalton


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Megan Larkin falls for dashing Boston attorney Luke Castaneda. Locals try to warn Luke about Megan's family and their history of madness and tragedy, but he is determined to make her his wife. Other elements are at work to ensure the union never takes place, bringing another veil of evil over the Larkin's and their self-named city in the guise of a serial killer. Megan is forced to discover the truth and to set herself free from a legacy of family secrets and obsessions.


"Megan's Legacy" by Deidre Dalton


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Alexandra Cimarelli, the illegitimate daughter of Scott Page and Andrea St. John, wreaks havoc on the Larkin estate, luring her young twin cousins, Dary and Kaito Larkin, into a web of lust and revenge. Will Alex be the downfall of the Larkin family, once and for all?


"Limb of Iniquity" by Deidre Dalton


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  • Deidre Dalton received contracts for titles in the Collective Obsessions Saga from Club Lighthouse Publishing between October 2010 and March 2011.


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