Book Nine: Limb of Iniquity


Alexandra Cimarelli, the illegitimate daughter of Scott Page and Andrea St. John, wreaks subtle havoc on the Larkin estate, luring her young twin cousins, Dary and Kaito Larkin, into a web of lust and revenge.


The Collective Obsessions Saga concludes with book nine, Limb of Iniquity.


Limb of Iniquity brings to light the deadly antics of Alexandra Cimarelli, who made her debut in The Twilight, Book #7 in the Collective Obsessions Saga.


Alex was the illegitimate daughter of Scott Page, who was the longtime beloved husband of Shannon Larkin. Alex was abandoned as a child by her biological mother Andrea St. John, only to be adopted by Angela Page, Scott's oldest daughter, and her husband, Tom Cimarelli.


Alex and Shannon have a difficult relationship. Shannon has little use for her late husband's bastard, barely civil to the child even as she grows into an adult. The hostility also creates tension between Shannon and Angela, a friction that endures for years and creates a breakdown of the mother-daughter bond.


Alex's driving force is her hatred of Shannon. She blames the older woman for Andrea St. John's unhappiness and sorry lot in life, and begins to do everything in her power to destroy the Larkin matriarch. The grisly death of a prominent member of the Larkin family seems to cement the St. John's vow of revenge, which leads the local police chief to investigate Alex's background and the sudden reappearance of her birth mother.


Will Alex be the downfall of the Larkin family, once and for all?


Click here to read excerpts from Limb of Iniquity (PDF).

Limb of Iniquity is the ninth and final book in the Collective Obsessions Saga. The novel is tentatively scheduled for release in 2025.


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Limb of Iniquity is scheduled for release in 2025.


  • Storyline, estimated completion date and book cover art may be subject to change. Check back for updates.


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