Food Fare: Welsh Recipes

Food Fare: Welsh Recipes


Bara Brith (Speckled Bread)

Bara Ceirch (Oatcakes)

Bara Lawr (Laver Bread)

Cacen Gneifio (Shearing Cake)

Cawl (Welsh Soup)

Cawl Bara Lawr (Laver Soup)

Cawl Mamgu (Leek Soup)

Caws Pobi (Welsh Rarebit)

Crempog Las (Welsh Omelet)

Eog Cothi Pob (Baked Salmon)

Ffagodau (Meatballs)

Ffowlyn Cymreig (Welsh Chicken)

Ffroes (Pancakes)

Gwledd y Cybydd (Miser's Feast)

Pastai Cocos (Cockle Pie)

Pice Bach (Welsh Cakes)

Pwdin Nadolig (Christmas Pudding)

Selsig Morgannwg (Glamorgan Sausages)

Teisen Ferw (Boiled Cake)

Teisen Nionod (Onion Cake)


Food Fare Culinary Collection: Welsh Coginio


For more about Welsh food and culture, go to Welsh Coginio >


Food Fare Culinary Collection: Welsh Coginio


DID YOU KNOW? "Coginio" (pronounced kog-in-eeo) is defined as "cooking" in the Welsh language.


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