webs divine: legal notices

Please read the following notices before submitting requests for quotes or services to WEBS DIVINE.

COPPA Compliance Notice:

In compliance with the laws and regulations of COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act), WEBS DIVINE does not willingly or knowingly collect information from children under the age of sixteen (16). Do not submit a request for a quote or use the contact form on this site unless you are sixteen (16) years of age. Creation of websites by WEBS DIVINE require the use of an account with PayPal, which is not made available to children under the age of eighteen (18).

Copyright Notice:

The WEBS DIVINE site is not public domain. Nothing may be used without written permission and consent of the owner. The design of the site is the exclusive and permanent property of WEBS DIVINE and may not be reproduced by any method including screen captures and/or downloads without written permission and consent of the owner. The graphics displayed on site are owned by WEBS DIVINE and any use of them without permission is considered copyright infringement and in violation of copyright laws. Any violation of these laws by one party or several parties will lead to legal action. Any and all images used on this site are created by WEBS DIVINE, or drawn from royalty free sources and comply with the terms of use outlined by said sources. Fonts are either freeware or licensed to WEBS DIVINE, and may not be redistributed from this site. The creators or owners of the aforementioned images and fonts retain all full ownership rights to their creations. These sources are listed on the Links page of this site.

Privacy Notice:

WEBS DIVINE does not collect information from visitors to this site. We do not sell or in any manner reveal client or user information to any services, third party or otherwise, collecting data or gathering information. WEBS DIVINE does not solicit information from visitors to this site or clients for any purpose but normal business transactions. Information supplied by users and clients is privileged, private and protected, and is only expressly used for business purposes in implementation of requested services by the sole owner and proprietor of WEBS DIVINE.

Restrictions Notice:

WEBS DIVINE does not accept requests for quotes or work from clients who promote any forms of pornography, animal cruelty or prejudicial "hate" rhetoric based on gender, race, religion or political affiliation.

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