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Food Fare: Middle Eastern RecipesDjaj Fouq El-Eish

Omani chicken & rice stew

Heat oil in a skillet; add cubed potatoes and fry until tender. Drain on paper towels and set aside. Add six cups water to a large cooking pot; place chicken pieces in water and bring to a boil, removing froth when necessary. Add cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods, whole cloves and peppercorns; simmer over low heat for about forty minutes or until chicken is cooked. Remove chicken; set aside. Drain stock; set aside. Add rice to another cooking pot full of nine cups salted boiling water; boil for about ten minutes or until rice is 3/4 of the way cooked. Drain. Melt clarified butter in a large skillet (reserve 2 TBS); add onions and cook onions for five to six minutes or until golden. Add boiled chicken pieces, garlic, Bizar a'Shuwa (Omani Spice Mix), chicken bouillon cubes, 1-1/2 C reserved chicken stock and the potato cubes. Stir and simmer on low heat for about four to five minutes; set aside. Melt reserved clarified butter in a large cooking pot. Add boiled rice and then top with chicken mixture. Cover pot and cook over low heat for about thirty minutes or until rice is completely cooked. Serve.


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