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Canine Recipes from Food Fare


Autumn Cinnamon Snaps

Bacon Bits

Bacon Buddies

Baked Turkey Treats

Barley-Mushroom Dinner

Beef Jerky Meatballs

Breakfast Bars

Breakfast Bowl

Canine Casserole

Carrots & Rice

Cheddar Bones

Chicken Biscuits

Cornoat Cakes

Daily Grub

Dogger Doughnuts

Doggie Cookies

Doggy Ice Cream

Frosty Paws

Gourmet Biscuits

Instant Dog Biscuits

Irish Rounds

Luncheon of Lamb

Mashed Taters

Milk Bones

Oatmeal & Wheat Dog Biscuits

Peanut Butter Dreams

Potted Chicken

Sausage Dogs

Scrambled Dogs

Tea Cakes

Turkey & Rice

Veggie Bagels

Veggie Rolls

Wheat Treats

Wild Rice Stew

Wolfer Cookies



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The recipes on this page can be prepared as occasional treats for dogs but are not meant to replace their daily diets or to address their essential nutritional needs. Try serving home-cooked meals once a week as an alternate to commercially prepared dog food.


Some of the recipes on this page are considered "treats" while others are very healthy. However, the nutritional needs of individual dogs may vary. I typically add canine multi-vitamins to each dog recipe, using a mortar and pestle to grind the vitamins into a fine powder. Please use your best judgment or consult with your veterinarian before feeding treats to your pets. Use and preparation of the recipes on this page are done so at the behest of the pet owner.


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Food Fare's Furry Friends Cookbook contains more than 50 original recipes for homemade dog and cat food, including main meals, treats, biscuits and kibble.


Furry Friends Cookbook


The Furry Friends Cookbook is available in Kindle, Kobo and Nook editions. Learn more >


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This page of canine recipes is all about dog food, and was originally inspired by my own wonderful pooch, Foofer. He was a large dog (half-Siberian Husky, and half-Retriever), and I loved him to bits. He passed away in 2007, but his memory will always be alive in my heart and mind. He was like my child rather than my pet; he was with me through good times and bad, loving me unconditionally. I have Foofer's ashes in a cedar box, and it has been noted in my "final wishes" that he be buried with me when the time comes. It might sound morbid to some, but it is extremely comforting to me.


Barbarosa Foofer Alviso O'Toole (1997-2007)

This page is dedicated the memory of my beloved Foofer


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Foofer's faithful companion to the end was Rainee Gabriella, my sweet Black Lab-mix. She is now the sole recipient of all my canine culinary experiments. Lucky girl!


Rainee Gabriella


Rainee has her own web site called Rainee's Parade, and a page at Dogster. Aside from rides in the car, she loves getting visitors on the web. Pay her a visit and leave a message!


Visit Rainee's Parade!

Visit Rainee's Parade


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