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Deborah O'Toole: Newsletter (December 2015)

Hello dear readers,

Looking back, I was surprised to see my previous newsletter was written more than a year ago. I'm not sure where all that time went, but rest assured all is well. I went through a few changes in my personal life over the last year, none of which I'm at liberty to discuss at the moment. Not all of the changes were good, but the good far outweighed the bad in the long run.

In the process, I also learned some valuable lessons about human nature and the fragility of honest interaction between some people. The extremely heavy influx of scammers and other disingenuous individuals (mainly through my Facebook accounts) almost made me lose my faith in humanity this year, but not quite because I also met some extraordinary people, some of whom will hopefully remain friends for life.

MEGAN'S LEGACY released in paperback

The paperback edition of Megan's Legacy, 8th and final book in the Collective Obsessions Saga (written by me as Deidre Dalton) was released in late November. This brings the family saga full circle, all titles now available in both e-book and print versions. While The Twain Shall Meet (book #3) remains my personal favorite in the series, Megan's Legacy runs a very close second.

"Megan's Legacy" by Deborah O'Toole writing as Deidre DaltonMegan Larkin falls for dashing Boston attorney Luke Castaneda, a newcomer to Larkin City. Locals try to warn Luke about Megan's family and their history of madness and tragedy, but he is determined to make her his wife. Other elements are at work to ensure the union never takes place, bringing another veil of evil over the Larkin's and their self-named city in the guise of a serial killer. Megan is forced to discover the truth and to set herself free from a legacy of family secrets and obsessions.

I wrote the following entry in my blog on Wednesday, 16th March 2011:

The Collective Obsessions Saga is finally complete. I can't believe I'm saying the words. I sent the manuscript for Megan's Legacy, which is the eighth and final part of the saga, to my publisher this afternoon. The final draft of book eight came in at 265 pages with a word count of 114,403. The last few days were exhilarating for me, being fully aware the end of the line was near. Considering I began writing the storyline many years ago, I'm stunned rather speechless that it's finished, once and for all.

Even better, I'm very happy with the way the story ended. A few months ago I envisioned agonizing over the finale, but it didn't happen that way. I knew exactly where I wanted to go, and that's where I took the story and its characters.

It's been a very long haul indeed, but well worth it. I've probably said it many times before, but writing and finishing the Collective Obsessions Saga has been deeply satisfying in all ways that truly matter to me.

The saga is now well and truly finished.


Still in Progress . . .

Unfortunately, I've had to revise the finish dates on all of my works in progress. As I mentioned at the top of the newsletter, life changes during 2018 took a vast amount of my time. I've brought myself around finally, extricated myself from certain situations, and will try not to allow personal diversions to take my attention again.

Deborah O'Toole: In the WorksRevision dates are as follows (as of this writing):

As per my usual notation, storylines, estimated release dates and book cover designs may be subject to change (yet again).

New Interview

A new interview with yours truly appeared on the Authors Inspire Blog from Betty Boyd Writing Services near the end of November.

New interview with Deborah O'Toole at Betty Boyd Writing Services (Author Inspired Blog).

For the interview via e-mail, I discussed what inspires me to be a writer, my favorite writing genre (fiction) and my advice to other writers ("never give up"), among other topics. Click here to read interview in full >

Food Scribbles

It's a mostly well-known fact that I've written forty books about the food and culture of different countries. The e-books began as articles for the website Food Fare, but were later turned into e-books available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo Books. The titles are now known as the Food Fare Culinary Collection.

Just prior to Thanksgiving this year, I decided to make one of the books freely available online in "article" format. Japanese Culture & Cuisine is now online for free, containing all the details and graphics that came with the book version.

Japanese Culture & Cuisine      Japanese Culture & Cuisine

Japanese Culture & Cuisine contains information about the food and culture of Japan, including a brief history, common food, mealtime and dining, sushi, rice variations, eating with chopsticks, table settings and etiquette, tea, sake, Japanese snacks, more than 40 authentic recipes, food terms, words and phrases, and resources for further study. Click here for more >

Celtic Remnants (postscript, 3rd December 2018)

Celtic Remnants has been taken on by Club Lighthouse Publishing. The novel will be released in both electronic and print editions in 2019. I just signed the contract a few hours ago, and I'm as happy as a clam.

"Celtic Remnants" by Deborah O'Toole

Celtic Remnants was previously released by Tyborne Hill and available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo Books from 2013-2018. During that time, the novel was reviewed several times and was also the subject of an online interview undertaken by me with Writers Alive/Blog Talk Radio.

I adore Terrie and James at Club Lighthouse Publishing. They have put up with me for many years, and now it looks like our time together will be extended. I'm very happy about it.

Sometimes when it rains it pours (for both the good and the bad). But it's amazing - hardly describable - after years of writing and rejection letters prior to 2010.

As I've said before, it never gets old to be published. Never.

Until Next Time . . .

Happy Christmas to one and all, or however you may say it (Joyeux Noel, Merii Kurisumasu, Milad Majid, Feliz Navidad, Hristos Razdajetsja, or Nollaig Shona dhuit). And best wishes for the New Year. Another newsletter will be coming your way in late March or early April 2019 - so keep your eyes peeled.

Until next time, happy reading . . .

Deborah O'Toole

December 1, 2018

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