The Bloodline Trilogy concludes with book #3, Blood & Soul.

Emma Beckett has an idyllic childhood in the small Northern California town of Mendocino, only child of Cabral and Darcy Beckett. Tall and palely blonde, unlike her small, dark-haired parents, Emma occasionally wonders if she was adopted. However, the unconditional love of her parents was the one aspect of her upbringing she never lost faith in, not even when the darkness of her true past threatened to overtake her.

As a child, she discovers she has the power to heal by touch. At first, her skills are limited to healing animals, but when she cures her cancer-stricken mother she realizes her unique talent could be used to help others. The realization also leads Emma on a journey to unearth her heritage. No matter how painful it becomes, she is determined to learn the truth about her bloodline.

The quest may finally give her the answers she seeks, although horrific revelations about the past make her fearful of her own destiny.

She eventually realizes her abilities could be an instrument of evil, begotten by a bloodthirsty monster. 

Blood & Soul was released by Club Lighthouse Publishing in June 2022. More >

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