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Place rice in a deep bowl. Fill with cold water; rub rice together with hands until water turns milky white. Pour off water; be careful to keep rice in the bowl. Repeat process three or four times until water is clear. Drain the rice in a fine strainer, then place into a saucepan. Add konbu and three cups of water. Allow to stand for thirty minutes. In another bowl, combine and stir rice vinegar, sugar and salt until dissolved. Set aside.


Bring rice to a boil over high heat, covered; reduce heat to low. Simmer for about fifteen minutes. Remove from heat; let stand for five minutes. Scrape rice into a bowl; remove and discard konbu. Stir in the vinegar mixture until well incorporated with no lumps of rice remaining. Allow to cool at room temperature. For a shinier appearance, use an electric fan to cool the rice rapidly.


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