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Food Fare: Canadian RecipesMontreal Hot Dogs


Steam-cook franks in a steamer or double-boiler. Toast hot dogs buns if desired. Place cooked franks in hot dog buns; top a squirt of mustard, a handful of diced onions and coleslaw. Serve.


Montreal Hot Dogs (Steamies)Coleslaw for Steamies:

Coleslaw: In a bowl, combine all ingredients. Mix well. Set aside. If preferred, use Niagara Coleslaw instead.


Note: "Steamies" are served three different ways in Montreal. They can be "All-Dressed" (topped with the works; coleslaw is sometimes substituted with sauerkraut), "Michigan" (topped with chili or spaghetti sauce, with or without mustard and onions) and "Supreme" (topped with coleslaw, mustard and onions; rarely served with ketchup of green relish).


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