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Food Fare: French RecipesGateau de Saumon

Salmon Cakes

Separate the egg yolks and egg whites into bowls. Boil the salmon in a cooking pot with salted water. Pour the milk into a bowl; place bread slices in milk to soak until saturated. In another bowl, mix the salmon and the soaked bread; the mixture will have a soggy consistency. Add the two egg yolks to mixture; stir well. Add the salt and black pepper. Whip egg whites until firm; add to salmon mixture gradually, mixing gently. Grease a round baking pan (about 9" in diameter and 3" deep). Pour salmon mixture into greased baking pan; smooth with the flat edge of a knife. Cook for about twenty minutes at 350-degrees F. To test doneness, insert the tip of a knife into the salmon cake. If it comes out dry and clean, the dish is ready. Serve.


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