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Jenny Zhang is a health conscious yogini who loves food, traveling and animals. Her web site Organically Blissful is dedicated to a natural, organic-Mother Nature approved lifestyle. Organically Blissful contains healthy recipes and an expanding awareness of an all-natural-organic lifestyle.

Jenny grew up on Long Island, and also lived in Vermont (where she obtained a degree in animal science from the University of Vermont). During her time in Vermont, she learned about health, nutrient and all natural products for both pets and humans. Jenny recently moved to the West Coast. She has two cats name Bella and Vita, both adopted from the Humane Society. The kitties enjoy eating organic and living the all-natural life style with Jenny.

Jenny and her partner Zaid started Organically Blissful to share their happiness journey in hopes it can help others find their happiness. Organically Blissful is a blog about improving happiness level organically (the natural way). Jenny and Zaid share healthy recipes, travel spots, areas to explore, natural choice of living and inspirational quotes.


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