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Frozen Banana Sushi Bites. Click on image to view larger size in a new window.Frozen Banana Sushi Bites


Peel and cut bananas into about 1/2" thick slices. (Note: The thicker the slices, the easier it is to use later on). Place chocolate into a small bowl; microwave for about two to three minutes. Using a fork, prick the surface of the banana slices. Use a knife to smear nut butter on top surface of the sliced bananas; also spread chocolate on each side of the banana slices. Once finished, place slices on a plate. Put plate in freezer; allow banana slices to freeze for about one hour. Serve.


Jenny's Note: Frozen Banana Sushi Bites are satisfying summer treats loaded with fiber, good fat and protein.


*Recipe Source: Jenny Zhang.

*Frozen Banana Sushi Bites images (C) Jenny Zhang. Click on image above to view larger size in a new window.

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