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Crab Ravioli in Tomato Broth


Filling for Crab Ravioli:

Broth for Crab Ravioli:

Filling: Pick over crab meat to remove any remaining shell pieces. Place crab meat in a small bowl; mix with mascarpone and parmesan cheeses, chopped chives and egg. Season with black pepper. On a flat dry surface, lay out wonton skins. Fill each wonton in the middle with about two tablespoons of the crab filling. Lightly wet edge of the wonton skin with your finger and fold over, sealing the edges. Make sure ravioli edges are sealed all the way around. Place each ravioli on a lightly floured tray; refrigerate until ready to cook.

Broth: In a small cooking pot, bring the chicken or crab broth to a boil. Add diced tomatoes, thyme and butter. As soon as the butter dissolves, turn off the heat until ready to serve. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil; add raviolis in small batches and cook for about three minutes. Gently drain in a colander. Place drained raviolis in a serving dish. Pour broth over the top. Serve. Recipe makes about twelve raviolis.

Recipe Source: Boston Mistral Restaurant and The Boston Courant (March 17, 2007).


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