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Foofer was born on Monday, March 31, 1997 in Chubbuck, Idaho. He was officially named Barbarosa, although he was shortly thereafter nicknamed "Foofer" because he was petrified of buzzing flies. More on that later.

Foofer in June 1997.

Foofer was the first-born of five pups, and the only male. His father was a Siberian Husky, while his mother was a mix of Chesapeake Bay Retriever and Chow. Foofer's mother gave birth to him on the back lawn, leaving him there as she retreated to her den in order to birth the rest of her pups. Foofer was found whining in the grass, and was thankfully reunited with his mother and four sisters.

Foofer had unusual but striking physical beauty. He possessed one blue eye and one brown eye. People used to inquire if he was blind in one eye, but no he wasn't. He was simply perfect.

Foofer in all his glory!

Why Foofer, of all given names? As big as he was, the little darling was petrified of the oddest things – buzzing flies and fireworks sent him charging for cover under the kitchen table, and he raced like a mad dog from the vacuum. On the other hand, his sheer size and barking volume used to petrify others in turn.

In later years, Foofer welcomed two sisters: Rainee (2004) and Kiki (2006). While he was always wary of Kiki (who can blame him? Kiki is a particularly devilish cat), he and Rainee were the best of friends. Foofer let Rainee have her way on almost every occasion - always the gentleman.


Foofer was the inspiration for the Short Tales Collection, which features eleven short stories about Foofer's many adventures.

From author Deborah O'Toole:

My pooch Foofer was quite a character. I never really treated him like a dog. We had a 'mother-son' relationship from the time he came into my arms at the age of six weeks until his passing more than ten years later. Foofer not only gave much love, joy and laughter, he also inspired me to write a collection of short stories with his shining character as the star. What began as a few "shorts" as I like to call them, developed into a series of stories about Foofer and his adventures.

Foofer and Deborah O'Toole. Click on image to view larger size in a new window. 

Foofer was my shining little light and my inspiration in so many ways. He made me laugh on a daily basis, and I could always count on him for unconditional love. We went through quite a lot together, Foofer and I, and he never failed me.


Sadly, Foofer passed away on December 19, 2007.

However, his memory lives on in the Short Tales Collection and in the author's loving and cherished remembrances.

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