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Read reviews about books in Food Fare's Culinary Collection:


Medieval Cuisine

  • Loved this book - excellent resource. Filled with interesting facts. I am a teacher and use it frequently in as a resource my social studies class. (Susan from Frederick, Maryland).

  • Food Fare's "Medieval Cuisine" e-book is awesome. I'm a student at Duke University in a class titled "Medieval Desires: Sex & Food in the Middle Ages" and your book was a great source of information, and very well written. Thanks! (Adrienne Niederriter).

  • My husband and I own a restaurant in Panama City Beach, Florida. We recently catered a wedding with a Medieval Theme. It was a first for me, but thanks in part to Food Fare's "Medieval Cuisine" we pulled it off. The book was informative and professionally written. I enjoyed your information on the web. (Sharon Stewart).

  • Very nicely written little eBook - lots of background on Medieval life and culture, with fun information about the various foods and cooking techniques. There are also interesting glossaries on common European Medieval terminology. One chapter is devoted to the Medieval kitchen and everything that might be found in it. There's even a chapter on "dining etiquette"! There are only about 12 actual recipes, but plenty there to get a good sense of common recipes of the era - we plan to try all of them over time. All in all, this is a very fun-to-read little eBook! Well written, and well rounded - not just another cook book. By all means TOTALLY worth the price. I'd have been happy to pay $4 or $5 for it. Five Stars! (Dave from Tacoma).

  • I greatly enjoyed this short (37 pages) book. I think that it is well written and gives a lot of information re the customs, etiquette and the vocabulary/terminology of the era. I share another reviewers regret that there was not more space given to the cooking methods used. Certainly well worth a dollar. More please! (DCP from Melbourne, Australia).

  • I would have appreciated citations in this work. Without them, it sounds like the author is just giving us her opinion. Despite that, I enjoyed this quick little read. I would have enjoyed hearing more about the physical process of cooking a millennium ago. (Kim M. Kremer).

  • Very interesting, I've always been interested in this time in history and food is such a big part of daily life. (J. Fiedler).

  • I haven't run across another book that offered as much information on this topic. As a food professional I love to research historical eating habits. I found this item gave me a nice insight into medieval foods and cookery. (Pat from Ireland).

  • Good basics for those who read books based in ancient times. Highly recommend it. A quick read. Enjoyed it! (Anne).

  • This book allowed me to wish I could experience these dishes first hand. I loved it. It was a great read. (Pamela Williams).

  • This turned out to be a pretty interesting book. Gives the reader a nice introduction to Medieval Cuisine. And at $1 can't really beat the price. LOL. (Jason Edward from Lake Worth, Florida).

  • I love the explanations of how Medieval meals were prepared and served. I also appreciate very much the detailed descriptions of preparation of the food - excellent! (Christal).

  • More than cuisine! A great compilation of exciting information pertaining to daily expectations as a medieval citizen in England. Recipes, jargon and common nutrients. (Star).

  • This is a must for all those out there interested in the history of food. Medieval Cuisine even had some recipes converted for modern day use. (Christine Crissinger).

  • I haven't finished this little treasure yet, but I'm considering buying it to add to my collection of all things English. My paternal grandmother used to shoot jack rabbits from her kitchen window at their homestead in central Oregon in 1915. I used to have one of her little cookbooks. While I am truly impressed by the ingenuity required of the 'cooks of old' I am so pleased and relieved for the progress in the art! I think anyone interested in learning about medieval or Renaissance times would enjoy this book. (Charli York).

  • I got something by way of knowledge from this book and considering the fact it is short, it fulfilled its purpose. There are no details here of the way in which the raw materials were obtained. Some recipes were given and they were interesting. I would recommend this book to the few who may have interest in the subject. Your curiosity will be satisfied. (Byravan Viswanathan).

  • A great compilation of exciting information pertaining to daily expectations as a medieval citizen in England. Recipes, jargon & common nutrients. (One Star).

  • Bought this book for my 88-year-old mother who is home bound. Downloaded it to her Kindle. She loves reading and loves history, mystery, Sy-Fy, love stories (Amish type, not porn type!). She loves these books. (Mary Watkins from Winston Salem, NC).

  • Very interesting. I suppose the people of that era did not miss foods about which they had no knowledge. (Barbara Beebs).

  • I had always been fascinated with the medieval way of life, including the food. When watching them on TV, I pay close attention to what they seem to be eating, such as lamprey pie, roasted lamb on trenches, etc.....When I read, I also focus a lot on the author's description of the food. Most of the time, I am pretty disappointed as it is never fully explained. This book certainly hits the spot for me and I love the insight it gives me. I might try cooking it, too. Recommended for medieval life fans like me. (Amazon Customer, Burlington, Vermont).

  • You will not understand the culinary legend of August Escoffier without reading this book first. Any one in the industry who has not yet learned about the Medieval Kitchen will need to delve further into this offering. (Kindle Customer).

  • I found this to be most interesting because of the many novel's taking place in medieval times that I have read and continue to do so. (C. Jarios, Amazon Customer).

Aussie Gastronomy

  • This book is a slender collection of articles written by Shenanchie O'Toole for Food Fare. Ms. O'Toole gives us a look at the history of Australia and Australian cuisine, tell us what Aussies like to eat and what they don't, provides some interesting Aboriginal recipes which I do not recommend trying at home, and some quite original Australian twists on foods with which we are more familiar. We get a look at what Aussies drink, and it's not Fosters, what they serve at gala events, what's high and low brow on the table, and how they celebrate their holidays. We learn that they call chicken and sweethearts 'chook,' and are winning increasing acclaim in the culinary world for some of their young turk chefs. All in all an interesting and entertaining read for anyone who likes reading about food and/or Australia. Nothing earth-shattering is revealed because the material is mostly familiar but there are a couple of surprises and overall, worth the price and worth the time. O'Toole has a nice, easy writing style, just enough wit to season the pages without overdoing it, and a thorough knowledge of the subject. Five stars. ("NyiNya").

Japanese Culture & Cuisine

  • I had been after a particular recipe for awhile. I found various locations that showed the information without clarity of each ingredient. I found my answer in this book, so I am very pleased. (Barbara).

Polish Kuchina

  • I thought this book would have had more Polish recipes than it did. It did have a lot of information about different foods and dishes of Poland and some history of the country. (Diane Gauthier).

Scottish Vivers

  • Just wanted to say that I love your book about Scotland. I have been searching the web for Scottish info to put in with my family history as it would be a bit boring with just names and dates. I have found all sorts of little bits on your site and in your book. (Jennifer).

The Emerald Isle

  • WOW, so much great stuff in the Irish book; an excellent resource. (Aleda Hopkins).

  • Found the book to be informative. I have used several of the recipes and found them easy to follow and reproduce. (J. Childress Sr.).


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