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Food Fare: Spanish RecipesQueimada

Herbed Wine Punch

Special Note: Open flame is used in the preparation of Queimada. Undertaking the procedure is done so at your own risk. In order to prepare the drink, suggested implements include a large fireproof clay pot or bowl (interior sealed or glazed) and a long-handled wooden spoon to stir. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby if so inclined for added precaution.


Place clay pot or fireproof bowl on a fireproof table atop a cold grill; make sure to have a large lid nearby to put out the flames. Pour approximately four tablespoons Orujo and one tablespoon sugar into a small glass; stir to dissolve sugar and then set aside. Pour remaining Orujo and sugar into clay pot or bowl; stir. Add lemon peel and coffee beans; stir. Pour Orujo and sugar mixture from the glass into a ladle and light it on fire. Carefully move the ladle close to the clay pot or bowl until the Orujo mixture in the pot catches fire. Stir frequently until flames turn blue. Cover pot with lid to extinguish flames. Serve hot.


*Note: Orujo is a brandy produced in Northern Spain, where it is known as aguardente (hard liquor) or cana.


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