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Food Fare: Canadian RecipesGrilled Potatoes Labrecque

Spread out a large sheet of aluminum foil on a flat surface; arrange the potato slices down the middle lengthwise. Add butter pats, and salt and black pepper to taste. When adding the onion slices on top, pull apart so that the slices fall into thin rings (just as in onion rings). Pull the aluminum foil up lengthwise so that all of the ingredients are settled into the middle; press edges of foil together and roll under a few times to get a good seal. Fold up both ends the same way, and poke a few holes in the top of the foil "package" to allow for ventilation.


Place foil "package" on an outdoor barbeque grill already prepared with hot coals; allow to cook for thirty to forty minutes, or until the potatoes are tender. When grilling, make sure the ventilation holes are face-up along with the top seal. The potatoes can be cooked simultaneously with other items on the grill, such as chicken, fish, hamburgers or steaks.


Oven-Baked Alternative: Place foil "package" on a deep baking tray or casserole dish to prevent spillage. Bake for about thirty to forty minutes, or until the potatoes are tender. Allow to cool briefly before opening foil; the escaping steam will be very hot.


"Grilled Paprika Chicken" with "Grilled Potatoes Labrecque." Click on image to see larger size in a new window.Suggestion: Serve with Grilled Paprika Chicken.


*Recipe Source: Jackie Labrecque-Daigle.

*Grilled Paprika Chicken & Grilled Potatoes Labrecque images (C) Shenanchie.


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