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Mackerel in Rhubarb Sauce

Rhubarb Sauce for Mackerel:

Melt butter or margarine in a large saucepan. Add chopped onion; cook until transparent. Add chopped rhubarb; season with salt and black pepper to taste. Cook gently for about five minutes. Stir in breadcrumbs. Arrange mackerel filets on a flat surface, skin side down. Spread onion/rhubarb/breadcrumb mixture on top of each filet. Roll-up each filet; place in a baking dish coated with nonstick cooking spray. Cook in a 400-degree F oven for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Serve with Rhubarb Sauce. Recipe makes enough for about four servings.

Rhubarb Sauce: Place ingredients in a saucepan; stew rhubarb for about ten minutes or until soft. Put cooked rhubarb through a fine sieve or blender to form a puree. Sauce can be served hot or cold with the baked mackerel filets.

*Toasting Breadcrumbs (1 TBS olive oil per 1/2 C plain breadcrumbs): Pour olive oil into a skillet; warm slightly over medium heat.  Add breadcrumbs; mix to evenly coat the breadcrumbs in oil. Stir constantly until breadcrumbs turn golden brown in color, about two to five minutes. Remove from heat.

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