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Lamb Stew (Irish)

Place lamb pieces in a large cooking pot. Cover with cold water and bring to a boil. Drain and rinse the lamb; place in a clean cooking pot. Add the bones to the pot, and cover with two pints of water. Add the vegetables (except for the cabbage), and season. Cover the pot again and simmer for approximately one hour, or until meat is tender. Remove the bones from the cooking pot, and take out about 1/2 pint of the liquid and vegetables. Using a food processor or electric mixer, blend meat, remaining liquid and cream. Return to pot with shredded cabbage, and add Worcestershire sauce. Simmer for five to ten minutes more, or until the cabbage is heated through. Add the parsley and serve in large bowls.


Note: Lamb can be substituted with beef if preferred.


*Image of Lamb Stew ingredients used with kind permission of John Murphy from Ireland's Eye.


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