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Feline Recipes from Food Fare


Beefy Cat Dinner

Cat Casserole

Catty Eggs

Chicken & Cheese

Chicken Liver Pate

Corny Cat Biscuits

Feline Cheeseburgers

Finicky Feline Stew

Fish Custard


Hodgepodge Cubes

Keeker Hash

Kiki Kedgeree

Kitten Milk

Kitty Brunch

Kitty Kibble

Lean Cat Cuisine

Liver Bits

Salmon Treats

Sardine Appetizer

Sardine Chicken

Slinky Supper

Sunday Dinner

Trout Pate

Tuna Bites

Tuna-Honey Casserole


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The recipes on this page can be prepared as occasional treats for cats but are not meant to replace their daily diets or to address their essential nutritional needs. Try serving home-cooked meals once a week as an alternate to commercially prepared cat food.


Some of the recipes on this page are considered "treats" while others are very healthy. However, the nutritional needs of individual cats may vary. I typically add feline multi-vitamins to each cat recipe, using a mortar and pestle to grind the vitamins into a fine powder. Please use your best judgment or consult with your veterinarian before feeding treats to your pets. Use and preparation of the recipes on this page are done so at the behest of the pet owner.


Before attempting to prepare homemade food for your cat, please read Making Cat Food by Lisa A. Pierson, DVM. It is best to be completely informed before undertaking any changes to your cat's diet and nutritional needs.


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Food Fare's Furry Friends Cookbook contains more than 50 original recipes for homemade dog and cat food, including main meals, treats, biscuits and kibble.


Furry Friends Cookbook


The Furry Friends Cookbook is available in Kindle, Kobo and Nook editions. Learn more >


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Kiki Alexandra


This page was inspired by my demonic feline of suspect Bengal-origins named Kiki Alexandra.

She has her own online Photo Gallery, and a page at Catster.


Pay her a visit - if you dare.


Visit Kiki's Photo Gallery

Visit Kiki's Photo Gallery


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