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Dublin LawyerDublin Lawyer

Cook the lobster (either live or from a package) in a pot of boiling water. To open the shell after cooking, plunge a sharp knife into the cross on the back of the lobster head. Slice in half lengthwise and crack open the claws. Remove all the flesh and cut into large pieces. (Keep both halves of the shell for serving purposes).


Melt the butter in a deep skillet. Place lobster meat in the skillet after the butter has started foaming. Cook for a few minutes, taking care the butter does not burn. Add the whiskey. When heated, carefully set a light to it (using a match or long-lighter). When the fire has died, stir in cream, salt and black pepper; heat through. Pour back into the lobster shell halves and serve.


Note: Dublin Lawyer is a traditional dish, but the ingredients are typically expensive. It is considered a rare treat. For the best flavor, the lobster needs to be freshly killed before cooking. However, if you're squeamish like me a packaged whole lobster from the grocery will do.


*Image of Dublin Lawyer ingredients used with kind permission of John Murphy from Ireland's Eye.


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