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Kelp Stock

Wipe kombu with clean cloth, but do not wash. Add water to a large cooking pot; soak kombu cold for about thirty minutes. Heat water and kombu over low heat. Just before the water comes to a boil, remove kombu. Stir bonito flakes into water; bring mixture to a boil and then remove from heat. When stock has cooled, strain through a colander lined with cheesecloth. Recipe makes about four cups of dashi stock.


Uses: Dashi is typically used in one-pot dishes (nabe), simmered dishes (nimono), Gyudon (Beef Bowl) and Miso Soup, among others.


Note: Kombu (dried kelp) and Bonito flakes (dried fish shaved into flakes) can be found at most Asian specialty stores or purchased online at outlets such as Amazon, Asian Food Grocer and Nextag. Dashi is also sold in packaged granule form, similar to bouillon or stock cubes.


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