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Food Fare Contributor: Barney O'Toole (1928-2014).Barney O'Toole was a former recipe contributor to Food Fare. Sadly, he passed away in September 2014.

Bernard Russel O'Toole was born in Keetley, Utah and raised in Heber City, Utah. He has lived in Utah, Canada, Connecticut, Texas, California, Nevada and Arizona. Barney attended Wasatch High School in Heber City and later the University of Utah, where he obtained a degree in electrical engineering. He later went on to become a geophysicist and worked for several large mining companies such as Texas Gulf Sulpher and Utah International. He also spent four years in the Navy, when he lived in Cuba for a period of time.


In 1959, Barney married Joyce Watts at the Church of the Nativity in Timmins, Ontario, Canada. They moved to Greenwich, Connecticut afterward, and later lived in other US cities such as: Newgulf, Texas; Danville, California; and Reno, Nevada. They have one daughter, Deborah "Shenanchie" O'Toole.


During his years in the mining industry, Barney visited several countries overseas where he learned the cuisine and eating habits of the natives. He spent time in Brazil, Uruguay, Sweden, Finland and Ireland. While in Sweden, he discovered the Swedish version of the American hot dog, which was nothing more than a long, closed-end bun with the insides scooped out and filled with a frankfurter and condiments.


His favorite foods were Mexican, Japanese, and good old American fare such as a barbequed steak, and seafood in the form of oysters on the half shell and crab legs.


Click here to read a re-print of Barney's obituary.


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