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Biscuits & Gravy with link sausage. Click on image to view larger size in a new window.Biscuits & Gravy

Southern Favorite

Cook the biscuits according to package directions.


Fry bacon in a large skillet until crisp; drain on paper towels. Important: Reserve grease in skillet. Fry link sausage in a skillet until cooked; drain on paper towels and then slice. Add Bisquick Baking Mix to grease in skillet; brown over medium to medium-high heat and mash lumps with a fork or a whisk. Add salt and black pepper to taste. Add milk, stirring constantly, until mixture thickens. Add more milk if necessary to thin gravy. Keep in mind the longer you stir over high heat the thicker the gravy will become. Add link sausage slices, stir and heat through. When desired gravy consistency is reached, remove from heat and ladle over biscuits. Serve. Use the leftover bacon as a side accompaniment.


Shenanchie's Note: I learned how to make biscuits and gravy in 1981, taught by my aunt Delores O'Toole, who is a native of Shawnee, Oklahoma. Over the years, I've made my own adjustments to the basic recipe, changing from flour to Bisquick Baking Mix early on. The mix gives an extra-rich flavor to the gravy. However, the gravy can also be made using flour to preference.


*Biscuits & Gravy images (C) Shenanchie O'Toole (2012).


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