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Greek Fried Smelts

Rinse smelts under cold water. With a knife, make an incision on the underside between the head and body. Gently squeeze out innards; rinse again and place in a colander to drain. Pat-dry smelts before dredging. Season smelts with salt, white pepper and paprika. Place rice flour in a bowl; toss smelts until well-coated. In another bowl, add all-purpose flour; toss smelts in increments until no longer wet. Add enough sunflower oil in a large skillet to fill up about 3 inches; bring sunflower oil to a temperature of 360-degrees F. Shake off excess flour from smelts; add smelts into hot sunflower oil. Fry until just golden in color. Drain cooked smelts on a plate lined with paper towels; finish the remaining smelts in batches. Season cooked smelts with more sea salt. Makes enough for four servings.

Suggestions: Serve smelts on a platter topped with lemon and lime zest, along with wedges of lemon and lime.

*Recipe Source: Kalofagas (Greek Food & Beyond).

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