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Classic Shortbread

In a bowl, cream the butter until light. Cream in powdered sugar, and then the vanilla. Work in the flour. Knead dough on an un-floured board until smooth. Spray shortbread pan lightly with non-stick vegetable oil spray. Firmly press dough into shortbread pan. Prick entire surface with a fork. Bake the shortbread at 325-degrees F for about thirty to thirty-five minutes, or until lightly browned.


Allow the shortbread to cool in its pan for about ten minutes before loosening the edges with a knife. Flip the pan over onto a wooden cutting board. If the shortbread does not come out, tap one edge of the pan. Cut the shortbread into serving pieces while still warm. Allow the pan to cool before washing in the sink or dishwasher. Shenanchie's Note


Note: To make shortbread without the shortbread pan, grease a standard square baking dish and prepare ingredients according to above directions.


Back-story from Shenanchie: I purchased my first ceramic Knotwork Shortbread Pan from Gael Song in Seattle in March 2006, although they are available in different patterns as well (such as Celtic medley, Scottish thistle and Irish shamrock). I was immediately delighted with the shortbread pan, and have used it ever since. Below are some photos I snapped of my first experience with the Knotwork Shortbread Pan. Click on the images to see their larger sizes in a new window.


The Knotwork Shortbread Pan in it's box.    The Knotwork Shortbread Pan out of it's box.    Shortbread just out of the oven. The decorative side is face down and not viewable yet.

The shortbread baked and flipped over to show the decorative side.    The shortbread cut into slices and ready to eat.


And, of course, the original recipe:

Classic Shortbread recipe from Gael Song.


*Knotwork Shortbread Pan images (c) Shenanchie.


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