Happy Halloween!

Halloween is our favorite time of year at Food Fare. The heat of summer becomes just an unpleasant memory as leaves change colors, shedding the dusty look of the driest season. Food also becomes more alluring, full of harvest hues and flavors.


DID YOU KNOW? Halloween dates back 2,000 years with the ancient Celtic festival called "Samhain." The Celts believed on the night of October 31st the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead became blurred.



Looking for Graveyard Grub? Recipes for the season? Or some Halloween folklore? For ghoulish tidbits from Food Fare, take a pick from the links below.


If you dare.....


  • Halloween History

    Halloween History

    Read fascinating facts about the history of Halloween, and learn about the Celtic roots of costumes and global Halloween celebrations.

  • All Hallows Eve

    All Hallows Eve

    Read all about Halloween tricks and trivia, famous legends, the origins of common Halloween words and recipes for delicious graveyard grub.

  • The Pumpkin Patch

    The Pumpkin Patch

    Read about the history of pumpkins, varieties, planting and growing, methods of cooking, health benefits, recipes and trivia.

Happy Halloween from Food Fare!