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Suki Sutton Shimada


Suki Sutton ShimadaSuki's mother, Anna Sutton, had once been close friends with the late Anita Howard. Suki was inspired by Anita's work to become a fashion designer, studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Her father, Katsu Shimada, owned Shimada Technologies. Upon his death in 2016, Suki's older brother, Shiro Shinsaku Shimada, took over the business and relocated to Tokyo. Anna Sutton remarried to stockbroker Andrew Kyle after her husband's death.


Alexandra St. John Cimarelli works for Suki, who also carries exclusive lines of perfume and jewelry. Alex received her bachelor degree in chemistry (chemical engineering) from New York University, after which she joined Suki's staff as a perfumer (perfume chemist). Alex and Quinton Cabot soon create a range of original perfumes for SSS, including Calamity Untamed (wildflowers in a black-pink bottle), Calico Breeze (coconut and vanilla in beige packaging), Nocturnal Lunacy (sage and sea salt mixed with patchouli, blue-green packaging with black lettering), Onyx Jade (black violets in a black/emerald bottle with gold lettering), Purrvessence (cream and sugar cookie scent for children, brass/white packaging), and Waterfall Bay (lemon and lime scents mixed with wild cherries, dark red and deep yellow packaging). Eventually, Alex and Quinton also develop a line of natural soaps and body splashes.

Suki Sutton Shimada business logo. Click on image to view larger size in a new window.

Suki is somewhat formal with most of her employees, but she takes a great liking to Alex. The two women become close friends, even sharing a bed together on occasion. Suki lives in a townhouse on Perry Street in the West Village. Suki is petite, slender and nearly flat-chested, with long, black hair and gray eyes.

Suki Sutton Shimada appears in Limb of Iniquity.


Deidre Dalton


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