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Lizbeth DarcyLizbeth Darcy

Lizbeth Darcy is the best friend of Gabriel "Gabe" Page, son of Jamie Page and Désirée Sansovino.

The only daughter of Jeffrey Darcy (manager of the Colm Sullivan Art Gallery) and Lola (Beck) Darcy (3rd grade teacher), Lizbeth was raised with twin older brothers: Daryl and Deacon (born 1998). She becomes friends with Gabe Page when they were in kindergarten together.

Lizbeth was a sports-orientated tom boy, who also loves to read (Nancy Drew mainly). She adored all animals but hated cooking. Lizbeth was rather tall (5'9"), muscular but slender, with reddish-blonde hair, slight freckles, green eyes, high cheekbones, a thin upper lip, and a fuller lower lip.

**NOTE: This character is still in development and aspects of her personality and physical appearance may change accordingly.**

Lizbeth Darcy appears in Limb of Iniquity.


Deidre Dalton


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