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Shenanchie's Surprise

For steam-cooking only

Layer cubed potatoes on the bottom of a steamer basket, topping with a few pats of butter and parsley. Then add the sliced zucchini, squash and onion. Sprinkle with chopped fresh garlic, salt and pepper. Layer raw sausage links on top. Steam for about forty minutes or until sausage and potatoes are fully cooked. Heat halved tomatoes and juice for about one minute in the microwave. Spoon halved tomatoes and juice on a serving platter, then top with sausage steamer mixture. Serve hot.


Shenanchie's Surprise is featured in the Recipes-on-a-Budget Cookbook.



Steam-cooker (also known as rice cooker)Shenanchie's Notes:

As odd as Shenanchie's Surprise sounds, it really works. The taste, appearance and aroma are exceptional. In fact, the first time I prepared the dish my husband polished off the entire lot in one sitting.


About Steam-Cooking:

There are a variety of inexpensive steamers/rice-cookers available on the market today. I have three of them, using one for rice, one for homemade canine fare, and the other for meats and vegetables. The steamer I use for main meals contains a cooking tray with drain holes and a bulkier dish for large bits of food such as broccoli. After eating steamed foods on a regular basis, it's hard to go back to anything fried. Steamed foods retain as much flavoring as you put into them, and they never lose their delicious moisture.


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