Food Fare: Deveining Shrimp

Food Fare: Deveining ShrimpDeveining Shrimp

Peel shrimp by pulling legs away from the body; crack and remove the shell surrounding the body. Leave or remove the tail to serving preference. Place shelled shrimp in a bowl of ice water. Using a sharp paring knife, hold shrimp one at a time (backside up) and run the knife down the length of the shrimp. This should expose the vein. Use finger or knife tip to remove the vein; discard. Another method is to place shrimp under cold running water after exposing the vein; in most cases, the water will wash away the vein. Return deveined shrimp to the bowl of ice water until ready to cook.

Deveining Shrimp (shell-on): Using a fork tine or toothpick, pierce shrimp between the tail and body shell. Push through underneath the vein; pull up and then remove the vein.

Shrimp Deveiner

Many kitchen supply stores and online retailers also carry reasonably priced shrimp deveiners (see image above), along with shrimp and prawn peelers. To use the shrimp deveiner, hold the shrimp backside up and place deveiner under the tip of the shell. Slide deveiner gently up the backside of the shrimp, towards the tail. The deveiner contains a serrated edge to which the vein will adhere to, along with cutting the shell with a sharp upper-edge.

Information Source: Whisked Foodie.

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