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Soak breadcrumbs in a bowl of water for about five minutes; squeeze out the water. In a clean bowl, combine breadcrumbs with the raisins, brown sugar, ginger, allspice and cinnamon; mix with a fork. Add molasses and melted butter; stir to mix. Place baking soda in a small bowl and pour hot water over the top; add to breadcrumb mixture. Add the flour; mix well. Pour mixture into a greased pudding mold. Cover top with greased aluminum foil; fold snugly over the sides of mold to keep steam out but leave enough room for pudding to expand. Place pudding mold on rack in a steamer or large cooking pot. Add boiling water halfway up sides of the pudding mold. Cover and steam for about two hours, or until pudding is firm to the touch.


*Variation: To prepare Figgy Duff Pudding via the traditional method, pour pudding mixture into a clean and empty large tomato sauce can; cover with foil and secure with an elastic band. Place can in a large pot of boiling water that reaches 3/4 way up the can. Steam for ninety minutes to two hours, or until the pudding appears firm.


*Note: Figgy Duff Pudding is often an accompaniment to Jiggs Dinner (Newfoundland Corned Beef).


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