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Blabarssoppa (Blueberry Soup)Blabarssoppa

Blueberry Soup

Bring water to a boil in a medium cooking pot; add sugar and stir. Add blueberries or bilberries; bring to another boil. Cook for about five minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat and allow to cool. Transfer mixture to a blender; blend on high until smooth. Return mixture to cooking pot. Add lemon juice and pinch of salt. Mix cornstarch with a small amount of water; pour into blueberry mixture and whisk to blend. Cook over medium heat until edges of the mixture thicken. Serve hot or cold. Garnish with a sprinkle of roasted coconut (as pictured above), if desired.


Note: While Blabarssoppa is traditionally prepared using bilberries, blueberries are a preferable substitution. Blabarssoppa is also known as a thick, energy-laden beverage in the Scandinavian region of Northern Europe, which includes Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Blabarssoppa is served as a hot beverage at Vasaloppet, an annual ski marathon held in Sweden every year in March since 1922.


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