"Celtic Remnants" by Deborah O'Toole

"Celtic Remnants" by Deborah O'Toole


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A young girl is shaped by horrific events which change her life forever. . .


After Ava Egan's brother and parents are killed by British soldiers, she vows to avenge their deaths as she picks up the pieces of her shattered world.


Before she can move on, Ava falls in love with handsome nobleman David Lancaster, eldest son of a belted Earl. Their relationship ends dramatically when his family refuses to accept her. Afterward, Ava sets her life on a course of violent revenge in the name of political justice with her childhood friend, Tim O'Casey.


"Celtic Remnants" by Deborah O'Toole


Unable to forget Ava, David hires a private investigator to look for her years later. When he finds Ava, she is hardened by more than a decade on the run and wants nothing to do with him. However, after being injured during an ambush in the English countryside, Ava and Tim go to David for help. He spirits them off to a remote Scottish hunting lodge to heal.


Momentarily safe amidst the rugged beauty, Ava begins to wonder if she can give up her deeply-felt political beliefs to build a normal life with David. Or will happiness continue to elude them?


Can Ava relinquish her political convictions, even for love?

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