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Posted Thursday, 01/18/18


Several months ago I began using Click List from my local grocery store. The premise is to order groceries needed online, and then drive to the store where the goods are brought to your car. It works splendidly. I detest shopping even under the best of circumstances, so Click List is like a veritable blessing for me.

Smith's Click List

The same store recently began offering home delivery for an extra $11.95. The delivery fee is rather steep, but there are days I just can't or don't want to leave my home. I'm not a hermit by any means, but sometimes I'm flooded with work and don't want to stop or break the flow.


A few weeks ago my computer mouse died in the middle of a large amount of work (the pointer would not copy or paste but instead moved the text in all different directions). The same store I order groceries from also happens to carry the mouse I use, so I was able to have it delivered the same day.

Needless to say, I'm a big fan of Click List.


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